With SSAMCAST anyone can learn, teach, and share.


SSAMCAST is an open source eLearning website that provides engaging and educational content for anyone to view at no cost. Our mission is to give students access to high quality learning resources without the price tag of traditional tutoring services and supplemental education. Partnering with UC Berkeley students and high school teachers, SSAMCAST created a variety of high school and college level courses to help students succeed. We wish that our coures will help people to learn and teach others, and bring us oen step closer to bringing quality education resources to everyone.

  • Learn

    Study with a variety of online courses, both educational and recreational. Learn about subjects that interest you and watch lessons wherever you are.

  • Teach

    Take your experiences and turn them into valuable lessons. Teach a course and lead students from all over the world.

  • Recommend

    Interact with other users by asking and answering questions, discussing class content, and recommending courses.


    Taking a course

    Take a variety fun and useful courses with SSAMCAST.

    • Find new courses on the Main Page.
    • Search the Courses page for a course you want to take using keywords.
    • Take a course by seeing what other users have listed on their profile page.
    • Share your opinions and leave reviews on courses you’ve taken.
    Creating a course

    Share your knowledge by creating a course.

    • Create a course from your SSAMCAST profile page.
    • Upload an image and write a course description to tell users what your course is about.
    • Make your own curriculum by attaching lecture videos and material.
    • Submit a course and it will open within approximately 2-3 days after approval.
    Recommending a course

    Recommend special and helpful courses for others to take.

    • Share courses with your friends on SNS sites.
    • Recommend multiples courses at once and organize them by category.
    • Write an explanation for why you chose to recommend this course to others.
    Ask and Answer

    Ask SSAMCAST questions to problems you’re having trouble with.

    • Submit your question to the Ask SSAMCAST board by selecting the button at the top right of the page.
    • Select the best answer to your question
    • Check some questions you have on your profile page.
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