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Programming Java for Beginners!

Jul.19 2015


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Course Description

This is a course taught for those entirely new to Java programming.
[Part 1]*Setup
[Part 1] JDK and IDE
[Part 1]
[Part 1]*Program 1
[Part 1] Getting started.
[Part 1] Class (and understanding access modifiers)
[Part 1] Method (declaration syntax) ((Method is another name for 'function'))
[Part 1] Variables (Primitive Types)
[Part 1] Statements / Method Calls

[Part 2]*Program 2
[Part 2] Making something useful. (Operators)
[Part 2] + And then adding functionality with user input
[Part 2]
[Part 2]*Program 3
[Part 2] A fun user input program.
[Part 2] ( Using if{ and else{text_over


Course Reviews


  • User Picture

    DystantAug.22 2015

    I just want to thank you all for taking this course, and to let you know I am working on a continuation, but I dealing with a failing hard drive (soon to be replaced). So expect more Programming Java soon.more content

    • User Picture

      DebbieAug.27 2015

      Yay! Can't wait for your next course!more content

  • User Picture

    twoyrsoldAug.09 2015

    Yay! Got 4 quizzes right! and your course was very clear and informative! Thank you! :)more content

  • discussion by"Java Quiz p4"

    User Picture

    CloeAug.05 2015

    Great job! Very clear simple insructionmore content

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