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Our Mission

SSAMCAST gives students access to high quality learning resources without the price tag of traditional tutoring services. Our mission is to integrate the latest technology into the curriculum of learning programs and provide free and reliable educational content for anyone to use. We want to give educators and students the best resources to excel both inside and outside the classroom.

Learning Lens Courses

SSAMCAST offers courses with a variety of subjects, but especially SSAMCAST offers courses that are made with a combination of a lightboard and 3D technology. The lightboard allows for teachers to face their students, while still maintaining the ability to write their lecture notes on a board. With 3D graphics, subjects with conceptual elements that require a lot of visualization, like math and science, are easier to understand.
In traditional schooling, students spend half their time looking at their teachers' backs as they write on the board, making it easy to lose focus. For eLearning classes, this method only isolates the students more. SSAMCAST’s lightboard lectures allow students to view brilliant fluorescent graphs, notes, and formulas immediately as the teacher writes them.

The 3D course adds another layer of depth into courses like biology, where difficult concepts are easier to grasp when paired with visual examples. This makes for dynamic lectures with moving parts, all geared towards helping students conceptualize and remember their lessons. The blend of these two immersive technologies creates for a completely unique eLearning experience. SSAMCAST calls these education content “learning lens” courses. Enjoy a completely unique eLearning content at


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